Hello, my name is Jean Carlos Nuñez

I'm a developer frontend backend fullstack

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer with extensive experience for over 8 years. My expertise is to create Websites and App mobile in Android, Apps,and many more...

About Me

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer

Developer Frontend with React.js,Vue.js and NG

Developer backend in Java,Php and Javascript

Resume Experience
Having 8 years Experience

Amazing experience with those companies

These companies be too much important because we made interesting applications you leaders or tech leads are good people

I worked on too many applications but a lot important was to follow your mission and learn about your real intentions that were built ideas to solve the problems of your customer and made life best.


Tiempo Exacto

2019 - 2021

Quantic Vision

2016 - 2019

Aerolab company

2015 - 2016


My services are Backend and Frontend!


I worked with React.js(Redux,react-router,Jest(TestUnit)),Vue.js(Vuex,vue-router) and Angular2+(NG Bootstrap and NG2 Charts)


Apply themes pre-design like: Argon,Skote,Vuetify,VueMaterialDesign, BoostrapVue, Boostrap raw and SAAS,NGX Bootstrap

Mobile Development (Android)

Made an application with Android/Kotlin and Android/Java, push for Google play, and wrote code to save information local database with Sqlite.


Made application with Languages and Framework,like Php(Laravel/Zend2), Javascript(Nodejs/Express)

Made application with Java(Spring Framework/SpringBoot/Spring Security/Spring JPA).


I work firstly whith AWS, AuroraDB, Mysql,MariaDB,Postgresql,DynamoDB,Api Gateway, Lambda function(Java) and SQS Queues(Json), I work a little bit with Firestore of Google Cloud, made applicationn realtime with SocketIO.

About working area, Tools and Base system

My IDE is IntelliJ IDEA for Java and kotlin

My Editor is Visual Studio Code

My System base is Linux Ubuntu

Used Docker to my containers to diferent version of php,java and javascript.

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